Short Stories

Digital Media

  • Forgetting Frank Joseph – Recently announced as a finalist for the Deanna Tulley Multimedia Contest hosted by Slippery Elm Literary Magazine

Artist’s Statement: Forgetting Frank Joseph is a text-based Twine game done in the style of a “choose your own adventure” story. In the story, “you” are Frank Joseph, an old man who seems to be unaware that he has Alzheimer’s. The idea for this story began with a hypothetical: What if you had Alzheimer’s but you could also see into the future, so you didn’t know which “memories” were in your past and which were in your future? As the story took shape, however, it quickly became apparent that this wasn’t just a fun sci-fi story, but rather an emotional journey into the life of a character who struggles with a very real disease that affects millions of people worldwide. How might memory loss affect your relationships, your routines, and even your very sense of self?